Welcome to 4 Roots Farm. We are located in East Central Mississippi, just 5 miles south of Starkville and Mississippi State University. While not the largest operation, we feel that our herd of purebred, registered Charolais are second to none. We insist on excellence at 4 Roots, and all it takes is one look at our herd to appreciate that.  If an animal fails to perform to our standard, then it has no place in our herd.  We emphasize calving ease, easy-going temperaments, above average weaning weights, regular calving intervals, and an overall balanced EPD profile.  We feel like our cattle would be a great addition to any herd, from commercial herds looking to upgrade the quality of their genetics to purebred Charolais herds looking to add outstanding animals.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

We utilize a fall calving schedule, so all breeding age females calve from late August to early October and are bred back by the beginning of the new year.  We have an assortment of cattle for sale throughout the year, from yearling and mature bulls to cows and heifers.  Please call or email us for up-to-date information regarding our inventory.